EXPOSED : Discover How to Unblock your Fallopian Tubes and
Clear Yeast Infection for Good,

Breaking Up Scars, Adhesions & Inflammation &
Fight Off Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

VGoddess is produced from a prescription in ancient imperial court, using many expensive herbal ingredients via modern bio-technology; it has a rapid, remarkable and comprehensive efficacy on diseases from female genital organs.

Do These Symptoms Sounds Familiar To You?

Chronic Fatique Syndrome
Are you always getting the period cramps every month and occasional white/yellow discharge daily?

Is your arms, legs , hands and feet feel cold and feeble most of the day?
Do you get always feel tired and nausea once in a while ?

Do you have ovarian cysts and fibroids? Are you going through menopausal symptoms?

Have you experienced and have been diagnosed with endometritis, cervical erosion, cystic ovary, hysteromyoma, adnexitis, colpitis Or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

Women do not have enough natural protection

Are you:

arrow Getting genital itching, stench down under, thrush, leucorrhea, irregular periods , premenstrual syndrome and having a cold womb?

arrow Have fallopian tubal blockage or hydrosalpinx which is causing you infertility?

arrowCurrently having hemorrohoids, cystitis, inflammation of the uterus, cervix and endometrium?

arrow Having recurrent yeast infection that does not go away and imbalance PH in your vagina?

arrow Suffering from cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis?

arrow Getting frequent menstrual disorders and painful menstruation ?

arrow Could not find a cure for cystic disease of the appendages?

arrow Having post menopausal symptoms which is a result from Blood Qi deficiency to the uterus which causes ovarian aging?

If you answered YES! to any of those questions, whether you’re a young or old, this page might just be the most important letter you’ve ever read…

And here ‘s possibly the worst part:
No one Really Understands
What You’re going Through.

They will brush this aside diagnosing a mild infection and prescribed drug medication.

Dear Friend,
I’d like to share with you how Vgoddess is so effective in providing lasting relief. I have been having cold hands and cold body since I was young.
Consuming the Dong Quai periodically before each menstrual period did not provide much lasting effect. I have bouts of Vaginal yeast infection and my body often feel cold and feeble. The thought of having intimate relations with my husband did not go well as I feel cold underneath.
One day I stumble upon VGoddess and tried the herbal tampon ball for 3 times using the recommended duration. To my astonishment, upon my 3rd usage, lots of white and yellow discharge came out. White filaments as well was purged out from my vaginal. I felt my skin fairer and my underneath much warmer. Old menstrual blood clots also came out ….
I was so relieved that I found the cure to my body weaknesses .


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Here’s My Story And What It Means To YOU.

You see, when I turned 13, I experienced an “awakening” of sorts.

One morning, as I looked at my panties I found crumps of cheesy yeast and felt itchy down under.

Days past as I tried to clean up down there, I tried eating good probiotics and practice good hygiene.

However, I was having recurrent periodic yeast infection.

I consulted doctors and they prescribed drugs as medication for my yeast infection.

It further aggravated with constipation after countless antibiotics courses.

Soon years has passed by, I have yet to find an ultimate solution to my predicament. Further symptoms like Chronic Fatigue syndrome cropped out, nausea and dizziness.

It further aggravated after years of yeast infection that it changed form and punctured through my intestinal holes and went into my blood stream. Reality sank in deeper after finding clumps of yeast from my bowels and I have to do blood dialysis to avoid the blood sepsis caused by the yeast infection in my blood. Doctor could only prescribe the usual drug medications for mild yeast infection and antibiotics.

I remembered feeling very helpless and tired from the systemic yeast infection syndrome which further caused blood sepsis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

I searched the web for answers looking for herbalist to clear me of my sickness.

I remembered how I was standing there flabbergasted… staring at the mirror in disbelief, with that horror, I mean… how could I accept it? I was only 29 for God’s sake.. How could I accept it?! “Why me??!” I loathed how I smell down under ,I absolutely hated it. But soon reality sank in that as shocked, as angry as I felt, I could not deny the fact, that the inevitable had happened: My reproductive system has gone downhill.

Are You Going To Continue To Watch Your Reproductive Organs Go into Prolapse due to infection?

VGoddess is applicable to many gynecological diseases like endometritis, cervical erosion, cystic ovary, hysteromyoma, adnexitis, colpitis and PID, etc.. Once the pill is put inside the vagina, it has temperature and humidity, on which the pill will exert, absorbed by vaginal mucous membrane, unblocking channels and improving collateral circulation, it will allay inflammation and kill bacteria, get rid of peculiar smell and itch and helps in dispelling the below women issues…

Menstrual disorder

Excessive or little menses, with a dark color and an uneven concentration, dysmenorrheal or sore waist, Vgoddess will unblock channels and invigorate blood circulation, with one course of treatment, symptoms will disappear or lighten.

Cervical Erosion

VGoddess has remarkable effect on cervical erosion, as the pill acts directly on removing the necrotic tissues, purulent secretion and bacteria are absorbed on the pill, and taken outside of the body, also VGoddess has the effect of removing the necrotic tissue, it can quickly heal the cervical ulcer and prevent recurrence.


The channels of female genitals organs are connected with breasts, so if the genital organs have contracted a disease, the channels and Qi are blocked, an enclosed mass or hyperplasia will develop in breasts, and breast cancer will occur if it is not treated for a long time. VGoddess can unblock the channels and treat the diseases on the upper body from the lower part of the body.

Myoma of uterus, cystic ovary and metropolypus

Myoma of uterus will turn into cancer if not treated in time, VGoddess can absorb and strip off myoma of uterus, cystic ovary and metropolypus. So the myoma will be terminated , shrink and stripped off and taken out of the body.

As VGoddess has the efficacy of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis and unblocking the channels, it will reduce splashes and dark blisters and restore luster on the face.

Introducing: VGoddess Herbal Tampon Ball
Treatment Simple & Magical!

I am happy to report that finally we have a natural herbal remedy to conteract all these gynaecological disease.

It ‘s called…vgoddess-logo-1
My patients and clients reported they have been discharging a lot of toxins out.

It’s completely guaranteed.
And the price is completely reasonable.

This is a major breakthrough based on an ancient recipe used by the concubines in the Ancient Dynasty in China.

  • Chances are you have never heard of this herbal tampon balls before.
  • Because that’s the way the big pharmaceutical companies want.
    They spend 30 billion dollars a year to do research and development of drugs and advertise their products to
  • The public and doctors. They have a team of sales people pushing their pills and description and will
  • Keep pushing the drugs to you.
  • What if you found a product that works to clear and rejuvenate your vagina and reproductive system.
  • Let me assure you. It works!

Ancient China Dynasty Story

According to the history of Emperor Xuan Zong From Dynasty Tang, there was a beloved concubine of Xuan Zong named Jing Gui fei, a virtuous and intelligent woman. In love with plants and flowers, she cultivates many rare plants. She uses the extracted essence of petal and foliage for her grooming and bathing use. As a result , she has an attractive beautiful face , rosy skin tone, and natural body fragrance , she was deeply loved by Xuan Zong.

At that time, another beloved concubine of Xuan Zong, Yang Gui Fei was sick , she looks haggard, and the physician was not hopeful of her condition. Jing Gui Fei and Yang Gui Fei were very close friends , like sisters. Through sharing, Jing Gui Fei came to understand that Yang Gui Fei had odour from her lower body. She dare not serve Emperor Xuan Zong as she fears losing his favour, so she made excuses saying she is unwell.

Jing Gui Fei felt sympathy for Yang Gui Fei concerning this matter. So she added various rare flower ingredients with special features mixed together with her original formulation. After refining the new recipe, she gave it to Yang GuiFei. After using the recipe, not only the odour was removed. But her appearance has also become significantly more charming as well. The news then spread across the harem very quickly. Physician Li Shu Wen heard about the prescription, and recorded it in his book. (Guifei Ji ) “ Wrapped in an envelopment form, inserted into the vagina.” Snow white skin , bright healthy face, sweet body aroma; Stay young and beautiful forever. The Royal Pharmacopoeia prescription had been passed on till today to what is known as the envelopment maintenance technique. A much beloved story about the one among three thousand concubines deeply loved by the emperor.

The origin of VGoddess tampon ball is from the legend of Concubine Yang, one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China.A.D.745,Yang Yuhuan married to Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty.She was naturally beautiful with milky skin and splendid figure,which made all the powder and paint of the Six Palaces faded into nothing.

For that reason,she became the beloved of Emperor Xuanzong and be conferred the title of Concubine.Before long,her other three beautiful sisters were presented at court and conferred the title of Furen,which is less than Concubine.

On local Chronicles, Concubine Yang and her sisters often lived for a while at Huaqing pool located in Mountain Li,which was an exclusive place that Emperor Xuanzong built for them to shower and when they came out from Mountain Li,they looked more beautiful like lotus flower just coming out from the surface of water. Rumour has it that there was a formula used from herbs and flower ,like putting some medicine into a capsule and pushing into a woman’s vagina. We cannot check it out with Concubine Yang now; luckily the formulae was passed out to the society.

No more Reproductive System Pain,
Discomfort & Suffering !


With its Unique Absorption properties VGoddess can cleanse the uterus by removing dead cells , old clotted blood and unwanted residue.

Restores cell function.

Tightens vagina and uterus, improves libido , cures vaginal relaxation problems caused by childbirth and frequent sexual activity.

Improves blood circulation , dredges the meridians , beautifies the skin and controls the formation of melanin. It also revitalizes the skins to its youthful glow, and restores skin elasticity, smoothness as well as fairness.

What is so different about VGoddess than other products that I have tried?

  • Adjusts the internal secretions , helping to enhance the appearance and shape of the bust.
  • Reduces irregular menstrual periods, menstrual cramps and lumbar debility.
  • Helps in delaying the onset of aging symptoms.
  • Effective in preventing chronic gynaecological diseases such as vaginitis , cervical erosion , hysteroptosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, leucorrhoea , uterine myoma and ovarian cysts.

Surgery is not an Option

red-check Women with endometritis, cervical erosion, cystic ovary, hysteromyoma, adnexitis, colpitis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, with continuous onsets and a long resistance to treatment

red-check Used for womb cleansing, compressing and disinfection after abortion, birth and period

red-check Women with abnormal vaginal discharge, yellowing skin with splashes, sore waist and limbs and menstrual disorder

red-check Women with gynecological diseases but scared of the side effects of oral drugs, laser or cryotherapy

red-check Women with bad sanitation practices and unhygienic sex
red-check Women with cervical erosion, who hopes to be treated at home instead of taking the trouble of going to hospitals
red-check Women who has a very high requirement for the hygiene of her genital organs and safe drug administration
red-check Women with Hydrosalpinx and fallopian tubal blockage
red-check Women with cold womb and easily succumb to yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis

Amazing Relief from Gynecological Disease

Five main changes after using tampons

red-check Generally, the tampon will be pulled out from vagina after 3 days later. you can see that the tampon is bigger than before

red-check It absorb lots of toxins from vagina, vaginal itching, pain, odor and other gynecological symptoms were relieved

red-check Cervical erosion, thick secretions and bacteria adsorbed on the tampon were discharged continuously

red-check Urinary frequency, urgency was disappearing gradually, leucorrhea was reduced and the odor disappeared

red-check Further it enhances the vaginal tissue metabolism, fast the healing of the vaginal and uterine wound caused by childbirth, abortion, becomes smooth to restore the women’s vagina

red-check Ovarian androgen secretion of hormones return to normal levels, regulating qi and blood, balance the endocrine

red-check This are the amazing effects from 500,000 women in china have experienced from this ancient herbal formula for decades

It is now available here…..

As of today,***Lots of woman in United States, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, China, Taiwan , Singapore, Malaysia , Thailand , Ireland , Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey , Maldives, South America, Mexico, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Kenya, Cameroon are using VGoddess Herbal Protocol and telling their friends and family about it. More than 250,463 happy and relieved users worldwide. Read  on to find out more…..

What is so Different about vgoddess logo-1?

If you have any of the following gynaecological issues, using VGoddess Protocol may help you dramatically.

  • Vaginitis may cause itching and irritation of the vagina and vulva, sometimes – burning and pain when urinating. Quite often they are caused by chlamydial or gonococcal infection.
  • Candida vaginitis caused by Candida albicans and other fungi genus Candida. The emergence of this disease favors systemic antibiotic therapy, the use of oral contraceptives with high doses of estrogen, close underwear. Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis may occur in patients with decompensated diabetes mellitus, immunosup-sion (immunosuppression), treatment of corticosteroid hormones.
  • Bacterial vaginosis may be caused by different kinds of bacteria- Gardnerella vaginalis, Mycoplasma hominis,Prevotella mobiluncus, Bacteroides. In this disease there are white or pale gray, homogeneous, malodorous discharge.
  • Trichomoniasis is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis causative agent from the class of protozoa transmitted sexually.Spin-yellow-gray or greenish, frothy, malodorous.
  • Atrophic vaginitis develops mainly in postmenopausal women. It may also occur during lactation or progestin oral contraceptive use. In women suffering from atrophic vaginitis, there is itching, discharge of blood, urinary disorders.
  • Chronic purulent vaginitis is accompanied, as its name implies, purulent discharge, and an increase in pH due to the replacement of the normal microflora of Gram-positive cocci.
  • Infectious lesions of the cervix is most often caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamidia trachomatis. Perhaps both asymptomatic and the presence of marked inflammatory manifestations.
  • Cervical erosion – disturbance or changes in the epithelium of vaginal part of the cervix. Secretory cells surrounding the cervical canal is isolated secret that is annoying and loosens mucous membrane of the cervix, which leads to damage – erosion. Erosion may be a result of mechanical damage to the mucous membrane of the cervix – at the time of childbirth, abortion, intrauterine devices during the installation, and the result of hormonal disorders.

Are you Going to Continue to Watch Yourself Suffer from Monthly Periodic Menstrual and Abdominal Pain Caused by Gynaecological Diseases?

Or are you ready to actually DO SOMETHING to finally stop the suffering at the source and rejuvenate your vagina and gynaecological system permanently once and for all?

So choose your preferred package and click on the “Add to Cart” Button here.. You’ll then be directed to a secure order page to enter your credit card information.
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To a brand new you!
Rosemary Kelley


P.S – If you don’t take any action now, what’s possibly going to be different tomorrow? That’s right. If you do        nothing then nothing will change. You will keep having recurrent infection and abdominal pain
until there’s NOTHING left to save. No “magic or drug ” treatment will be able to save you then. Don’t let
that happen to you. The opportunity for you to save your reproductive system. This might just be the missing link in your quest for rejuvenating yourself as a woman, so what are you waiting for?

P.P.S – Months from now, when you would feel yourself glowing and feel clean and fresh, full & beautiful
again, you’ll be looking back on this as one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made in your life. I’ve done all that I can to take you to the next level. It’s up to YOU now to take the next step.


Get 1 Bag of VGoddess For Mild Vaginal Yeast Infection & Bacterial Vaginosis


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Uterine and Chronic


Get 3 Bags of VGoddess For Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Hydrosalpinx Chronic Inflammation of the Uterus



6 More Reasons You ‘ll Love vgoddess logo-1

Get all Natural Herbal Relief

Main ingredients of the vaginal tampon balls contains more than 30 precious traditional Chinese medicine herbs such as saffron, sophora flavescens, silkworm, borneol, cnidium, stemona, hairyvein agrimonia, frankincense, angelica sinensis and astralagus.


Trusted by Thousands of women in Asia mainly China and Russia

VGoddess herbal tampon ball is prescribed and used in Russian hospitals and used by thousands of women in China.

happy people

Noticeable effects

Made with pure traditional Chinese herbs preparation.
Vgoddess does not dissolve inside as the residue will not leave inside the body and it does not swell up
Place directly in the cervix uteri the contents are insoluble and non expansive.

happy couple

Rejuvenate your Reproductive System

Vgoddess have a “Therapeutic and prophylactic feature for women“ which refers to the OTC therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

sweet old couple

Get Lasting Results Fast

Many VGoddess customers have seen results after the 3rd usage of the Tampon ball and saw many discharge and toxins coming out.


Friendly Customer Support

Let us know any issues in ordering the product. Our customer support team will help you.


Success Stories

Recovering from systemic candida and yeast infection naturally by strengthening your immune system through home remedies and ancient herb remedies instantly…..

Below are some of our many satisfied customers.

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