VGoddess FAQ

1. I don’t know which package to choose? What is the difference between the Silver Package, Gold and Platinum VGoddess Rejuvenation Package?

Choose the GOLD VGoddess Rejuvenation Package if you are currently suffering from critical uterine fibroids and critical candidiasis. As the name suggests, it comes with “extra strength” this application will clear off uterine fibroids and candidiasis that could not go away.
Choose the SILVER VGoddess Rejuvenation Package if you have mild vaginal yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. This herbal formula helps to clear off yeast and toxins and give a warmer feeling vagina.

Choose the Platinum VGoddess Rejuvenation Package if you have pelvic inflammatory disease, hydrosalpinx : blockage of the fallopian tubes and chronic inflammation of the uterus. This package helps in cleansing, nourishing and tightening the vagina, so if you’re looking for a warming, cleansing and nourishing effect for your reproductive system, choose this one.

4. Are your products suitable to treat endometriosis, tumour and cyst?

No, this product works as a preventive step towards rejuvenation. If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis or cervical cancer, tumour and big sizable cyst in your vagina .It would be best to consult a gynaecologist for a solution.

5. Are your products safe?

Yes, very.

The following is the Biochem Laboratories Analysis 2011:

Test Method Used: FDA-FAM 1995
Test Method Used: Ph.Eur Method 2.6.13
Test Method Used: AS1766.2.2:1980

6. Are there any side-effects in the short and long-term using your products?

None whatsoever. Our 100% natural herbs and flower ingredients are processed without fuel-based heat or chemicals. It is made up of a special combination of Cnidii, Curculigo, Dandelion, Herba Leonuri, Indigo, Motherwort, Rose Petals, Radix Ophiopogonis , Radix Asparagi, Saffron, Angelica Sinensis, Sophora, Pearl Powder, Saline Cistanche– all herbs and flowers for rejuvenating your reproductive system.

7. Is my purchase online safe & secure?

We use Paypal to process all your payments. With more than 123 million active accounts in 190 markets and 25 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global commerce. PayPal is an eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) company. PayPal is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. and its international headquarters is located in Singapore.

PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

8. Can I make a Money Order or Western Union transfer instead?

Yes, we process multiple Money Order & Western Union transfers each day.

For Money Orders, please make a payment of the prices you see next to the product listings in the scroll-down menu when you “add to your cart”, depending on the package of your choice – US Dollars only (prices INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING) and send your check over to:



Once you have sent over the checks, please email us at — vgoddesstampon @ and give us the following details:

1 – Which Package you want — Package #1: Gold Rejuvenation Package ($229.95), Package #2: Platinum Rejuvenation Package ($355.95), Package #3: Silver  Rejuvenation Package ($39.95) or Exactly what products you want along with their quantities. *All prices are INCLUSIVE OF FREESHIPPING.
2 – Provide us with your shipping details, please provide:
a) Your Full Name
b) Your Email Address
c) Your contact number (along with your country code since we are shipping internationally)
d) Your shipping address (this is where you want us to send your product to — please include your STREET NAME, CITY, STATE, ZIPCODE, COUNTRY)
e) The exact date in which you posted your check to us

Once that is confirmed, we will email you a confirmation receipt and mail our your package straight away. You will get your own unique courier tracking number in that email so that you can check the status of your delivery in REAL TIME.


Then please email us at — and give us the following details:

– Your control number
– Your full name
– Your full address (please include your STREET NAME, CITY, STATE, ZIPCODE, COUNTRY)
– Total amount transferred

Once payment is received, we will email you a confirmation reciept and mail our your package straight away. You will get your own unique courier tracking number in that email so that you can check the status of your delivery in REAL TIME.

9. Where are your products from?

Our products are all manufactured from China. All the special blend of herbs, flowers ingredients & plants have meticulously been sourced from across Asia and is not available anywhere else in the world.

10. Are your products sold in pharmacies or any other stores? Where else can I get it instead of ordering online?

Our 100% Natural Herb Tampon is the first and ONLY of it’s kind. You cannot find this anywhere else in the world but here.There are other sellers however there are also counterfeits in the market hence beware.

11. How does your product smell?

It’s a nice herbal smell. It feels very “breezy” and “herbal” on your vagina which all of our customers LOVE once the toxins are expelled from the vagina.
12. Does your product come with a guarantee? What if I have used it but it doesn’t work for me?

We offer no guarantees. If we did, we are lying to you. No rejuvenation treatment in the world can give you a 100% “guarantee” results. We can only try our best and let God do the rest 🙂 Our product is 100% herbal, chemical-free with zero side effects and is an additional alternative to treat your yeast infection and list of gynaecological problems faced by thousands of women. However our string of customers testimonials can be a testament to the efficacy of VGoddess.

However 90% of our customers who have used our products have responded enthusiastically & given positive comments/feedback of their experience. If you have used our products for more than 6 months (THE TRUTH is that it takes the average person anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to get the noticeable result , we’d recommend for you to consult a doctor as there may be other internal problems that may be causing your gynaecological problems.
13. How are the products shipped?
All your products will be shipped to you by International Registered Airmail.
14. I have already placed my order. How long does it take for my shipment to arrive?

We are shipping from South East Asia. Depending on exactly which country you are located, below is the detailed delivery time for your reference – so as you can see, it usually varies from 7 – 20 working days, so please be patient.
Either ways, you’ll have peace of mind when you place your order: You will be able to track its whereabouts online using your unique tracking number.



– Estimated delivery time: 7-20 working days
– Working days not included Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays.

All transit times are subject to Customs Clearance, transport conditions (e.g. boat traffic in certain areas) and volume of mail traffic.

All transit times given are in accordance with the international standard concluded by the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union.
15. Do you provide tracking numbers to track my shipment status?

Yes, we will provide you a tracking number after we have shipped out your order. We will email you the tracking number or you may login your account to check after 3-5 days order placed.


16.How do I track the number given?

Just copy and paste your tracking number in here:

Alternatively, you can also track the International Registered Airmail in your country’s postal website. (Please note that some country postal website do not provide tracking service for International Registered Airmail)

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