VGoddess Gold Package

VGoddess Buy 6 FREE 2 VGoddess Herbal Tampons
VGoddess Buy 6 FREE 2 VGoddess Herbal Tampons
(13 customer reviews)

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Get 6 packets of VGoddess Herbal Package
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Uterine fibroids and Chronic Candidiasis

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Buy 6 packets of VGoddess Package  FREE 2 VGoddess package
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13 reviews for VGoddess Gold Package

  1. Katherine Constable

    This tampons has helped me clear all those yucky yeast and liquid and cysts out for good .I am so grateful

  2. Sara Bailles

    I purged a lot of stuff on the 7th day after removing it.. I have been suffering like hell with vaginal yeast off and on.
    This herbal pearls really do work just need time and cleanse . Thank you VGoddess

  3. Stella

    Wow ! I got so much stuff coming out . First it was dark brown red purge then a lot of cheesy brown toxins. I am amazed at the chinese herbs. I used to suffer with irregular menstrual period and menstrual cramps. I have lesser cramps and can go to work during periods. I used to stay home during periods a lot. Thank you so Much. I will buy again.

  4. Poh Lee

    Wonderful product indeed. I was scared to use it at first however it helped me cleanse and further make my vaginal muscles to lubricate better instead of using the KY jelly. Amazed and will buy again.

  5. Amanda

    I finally got the guts to try this herbal tampons after reading around . I was anxious and unsure. but finally alot of dead tissue and clogged menstrual blood in brown came out. I feel so relieved and blessed. Try this product ASAP! IT has been a GOd sent Chinese herb ball. some more it has 6 tampons in 1 bag than the usual 2 in 1 bag which is selling somewhere else. ITs a good Value buy!

  6. Castella

    I love this product! it helped me detox stuff down under. It was gross looking at the stuff that came out . I will do this often to detox and nourish my womb. I highly recommend this herbal ball product to any women that wants to improve their sex life and balance everything down there.

  7. Karoline Zimmer

    I have frequent bacterial vaginosis and it is so annoying to keep it clean down there. I have been using the feminine wash however it does not work . I was on the fence to try this and it is not ordinary and normal in the USA. I read articles on toxic shock syndrome on using tampons by the UK media. Hence I was very cynical especially herbs is never endorsed by FDA and Medical authorities. I am tired going to the gynae to get a CANDEX suppository and boric acid suppository which I have been using so long. However I was at my wits and furious with this BV and I purchased this combo to fully do a womb detox. I was astounded and relieved it worked. The first usage was quite an adjustment and Felt grossly itchy to withstand the whole night as I place it not deep enough. Once I tried another one it was a breeze. The following cycle was not painful anymore with PMS. I purge out a lot of stuff which is unseen of . Thank you so much for bringing such a good product.

  8. annabel St

    I love this product! I needed to detox my ex and this came about when I was going through my Instagram. THere were a lot of gross pus and stuff coming out. I would recommend to all women to try it on your yoni and improve your sex life.

  9. Jacquellyn Rapo

    I have used this before and getting this combo pack is a a value for me. i had cramps after using this for the 3rd time and my period was irregular.. it helped me regulate back my periods which is awesome. My vagina does not smell bad anymore and no more discharge after periodic usage. I feel good and clean down under after doing this Vaginal Detox.
    THis VGoddess yoni pearls have been a blessing to me.

  10. Stacey Kl

    Great Product . I never expected what came out of me . I was astonished and shocked. Thank you VGodess !

  11. GIsele Ha.

    Normally I have frequent menstrual cramps. Lately after using teh VGoddess yoni pearls my menstrual cramps have lessen and it was no longer excruciating pain.

  12. Hannah Wiklinson

    This Chinese herbs stuff is awesome and really works! I am buying again to do this periodically. It ward away my foul smell down under..

  13. Pauline Lorraine

    Goodness Gracious . I have been suferring so many years with BV and used so many stuff . THis stuff is amazing. I purged all ungodly stuff . Sediments of yellow and white fillaments and my womb felt nourished and herbal smell.

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