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VGOddess herbal tampons
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Mild Vaginal Yeast infection,
Bacterial vaginosis


Product Description

Get 1 packet of VGoddess Package + FREE Shipping
Mild Vaginal Yeast infection,
Bacterial vaginosis

Consisting of 6 herbal tampons : 3 tampons ( Cleanse function) +3 Tampons ( Nourish function)

The womb is the sixth elimination organ for women.

The herbal womb detox pearls have been specially created with ancient Chinese herbs and flowers used for centuries ago for feminine wellness.  One of the most common gynecological imbalances that modern women experience on a daily basis are candidiasis, bacteria vaginosis, foul  smelling odor, yeast infections, endometriosis , adenomyosis, vaginal dryness, cysts and fibroids.

By following the VGoddess Herbal Protocol Process, the detox is intended to be inserted for 3-5 days. Afterwards, the detox should be removed and you should rest for 2 days before inserting the nourish function herbal tampon.

10 reviews for VGoddess Silver Package

  1. Hannah

    My vagina gotten cleaner and fresher .I clean my outer vagina lips daily however using this herbal pearls It shed a nother layer of dirt beknown to me. I also gotten wetter using it. I used to have dry vagina and yeast infection. I had clumps of cheese like purge.
    I will doing more of these cleanse .

  2. Mabel

    I have been suffering from UTI and BV for so long . Nothing seem to work long term. These herbal pearls worked wonders for me. I dont need to suffer monthly having period cramps. Though the few things usage was quite unpleasant experience adjusting to it.

  3. Georgia K

    I have irregular periods. Once I use them my period was earlier by 3 days . I also purge out brown stuff and never thought I have such toxins. My womb no longer feel cold.

  4. Georgia K

    I have irregular periods. Once I use them my period was earlier by 3 days . I also purge out brown stuff and never thought I have such toxins. My womb no longer feel cold.

  5. Cassandra White

    I was skeptical to use tampons . What is more its a herb ball inserted inside. However I never felt so refreshed and cleaner after using it for a period of time. I have dry vagina and bacterial vaginosis. The purge was uncomfortable from the start where I purge out stuff on my panties and I needed to change to a new one. The herbal pearls has really made my vagina muscles and made me wet than before. I was so ecstatic after experiencing this for the first time after using it for 3 times. I was also trying this out to detox my ex from my life. Never felt so comforted and indeed a spiritual cleansing herbs. Way to Go VGODDESS!!

  6. ALena Maddison

    I have UTI and candida for ages. Doing the Candida diet did not help with my vaginal thrush. The meds did not help at all . I tried it for the first time and I was surprised what came out . A gunk of yeast and a lot of black brown stuff which makes me wonder what toxins I have inside. My UTI has been gone and I forever feel so relieved I found something that works after so many years suffering from this. I will surely do this periodically to keep the candida away forever.

  7. Patricia Sanders

    I Had a Hysterectomy last year and BOY was I in Pain. I was looking around for herbal stuff that cures my pain and my yeast infection. The drugs medications that took did not work for me long term. I was reluctant at first. On my first time I have cramps and felt my vagina was cold feeling. Then I felt a pulling sensation and a lot of purges came out . I started doing more cleanses and felt so Good. NO more irritation and agitation with my vagina. Blessing sister for giving this valuable herbal product. It was good value as some websites were sellilng on 2 pc for USD20 . Here we have 6 tampons in 1 bag.

  8. Laura K

    Wow this is great stuff. Chinese herbs and flowers seems to be doing a lot of detox for my foul smell vagina. I will definitely come back to buy more.

  9. Casandra Sh

    Great Product! I will definitely come back to buy more.

  10. June Reicter

    I got pregnant after using 3 detox routines using this VGoddess pearls. They are amazing Herbs and flowers composition. I have bought other brands and the effect is totally different and this VGoddess yoni pearls are of higher herbal quality as the effects is different. I really felt the nourishing effects on my uterus.

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