VGoddess Herbal Balding Hair Tonic


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Product Description

Are you having Bad thinning and reciding hair line?

Tired of trying new shampoos and hair tonic time and again?

Do you have super oily and itchy scalp?

Are you going to your trichologist to get your supply of drugs and minoxidil to cure  your hair thinning and balding hair?

Do you have alopecia areta and alopecia universlis?

Are you having dry and damaged Hair?

After finding high and low in Japan and in South East Asia, I found this hair shampoo and hair tonic soaps from Taiwan and Malaysia  was working to slowly treat my hair thinning and balding issues…

They have herbal ingredients and uses soap berry than chemical Sodium laureate sulfate used in mass cheap shampoos sold in supermarkets.


Cordyceps Sinensis, Fallopia Multiflora, Black sesame, Mulberry leaf, Curcumin, Herba Centellae,

Brown Seaweed, Coconut Oil, Comfrey, Soapberry, Litsea Cubeba Extract, Palm Oil, Glycerol,

Alkaline and Saccharose

Ohana herbs Shampoos consists of 200 ml Herbal Goodness to clean the scalp of impurities and oil

leaving a mint cooling sensation to the scalp.


Suffer no more and get the Ohana herbs and VGoddess Hair Tonic Soap today!

Results depending on person’s health conditions. We have testimonials after using daily for 2 months and some takes 9 months to see baby hair sprouting.

Here are some of my customer testimonials before and after shots


Get 1 200 ml Ohana Herbs Herbal Pandan Neem Shampoo and  VGoddess Hair Tonic Soap 


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