VGoddess Bronze Package

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Get  3 packets of VGoddess Herbal Tampons Bag

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Chronic Candidiasis ,Bacterial vaginosis, Vaginal Thrush

Product Description

Get 3 packets of VGoddess Package + FREE Shipping
Mild Vaginal Yeast infection,
Bacterial vaginosis

Consisting of 6 herbal tampons : 3 tampons ( Cleanse function) +3 Tampons ( Nourish function)

The womb is the sixth elimination organ for women.

The herbal womb detox pearls have been specially created with ancient Chinese herbs and flowers used for centuries ago for feminine wellness.  One of the most common gynecological imbalances that modern women experience on a daily basis are candidiasis, bacteria vaginosis, foul  smelling odor, yeast infections, endometriosis , adenomyosis, vaginal dryness, cysts and fibroids.

By following the VGoddess Herbal Protocol Process, the detox is intended to be inserted for 3-5 days. Afterwards, the detox should be removed and you should rest for 2 days before inserting the nourish function herbal tampon.

10 reviews for VGoddess Bronze Package

  1. Amanda Walker

    Amazing Experience. I will buy more . My husband felt something different. My vagina has never felt damn refreshed from BV .

  2. Alicia

    I have irregular menstrual period. I feel I smell like herbs down there after the treatment and after removing it for 5 days I purged out alot of ugly stuff . It is a different kind of detox than using CANDEX for sure.. I never felt cleaner.

  3. jane

    It was irritating to use for the first few and I could not sleep using it as I did not put it inner enough. But after 3 times usage, I feel cleaner and refreshed.

  4. Gwen C

    I used to have heavy painful periods. After using this , I no longer have menstrual cramps and my periods are regular now.

  5. Shelly

    I never thought this herbal pearls can relieve me so much. IT is just GOd Sent. I have been having Bacterial Vaginosis off and on for ages. THese pearls cured it and the doctor does not want you to use them so you can go visit them often.

  6. Stacey Sheldon

    I cant believe what just came out of me . My womb and down under has been feeling damp and this pearls have been so herbal to my uterus and vagina.My sex has also been phenomenal. It was annoying keeping it in but once I took it out after a few days stuff kept going on . Thank you VGoddes baby!

  7. Gloria L.

    This package of 4 bags is a good value compared with other online shops which sold quite high for only 3 pearls. I have been detoxing my vagina periodically and I never felt so herbal down under. Vaginal thrush has been a pain and discomfort for me . I do this periodically and my skin complexion gotten rosier than pale than before which is surprising.

  8. Florence Paigine

    I was pretty disgruntled looking at the stuff that came out . One of it like a pea pod yellow stuff which I doubt its yeast cheesy form. at the same time I felt relieved it came out as my womb felt cold and I needed chinese herbs to fix this as I am trying to get pregnant too. IT is working and I would do this periodically until you dont have vaginal thrush.

  9. Sara Wilkensen

    I purchased this knowing I have been going to the Gynae to solve my BV for years and yet it always came back. My mom told me to go get some Chinese herbs and I found this yoni pearls. I read a lot of reviews and bought my trial pack and it was astonishing what came out. I will use this periodically until no more BV. Love you VGoddess!!!!

  10. JOLIN A.

    This pearls have been a blessing to me . I have been getting yeast infections and BV occassionally in a year and it was irritating to go to the doctors for the Drugs which did not work for me and the vaginal suppositories did not clean much as opposed to this pearls. This pearls really work > I am so relieved of the toxins that came out. KUddos

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