Winzimi Fermented Green Plum for Chronic Constipation Weight Loss

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Chronic Constipation is the source of all diseases.

With Green plum, you can achieve  clean intestines, improve constipation  and reduce acidic body problems and maintain your body.

People with dry intestines are often experiencing constipation. However after  detoxification, the symptoms will naturally disappear.  Consumers have reported that they have skin color improvement, reduce dark spots and fine lines and have better radiant skin.

Winzimi green Plum is a detoxification product which speed up digestion and disintegration of harmful waste and toxins in the intestines from Taiwan.It aids in the smooth excretion of waste in the intestines and eventually cleanse the blood of radicals and toxins, smoothening the blood flow and increase metabolism.
It helps to keep the youthfulness of the body clock by increasing body metabolism through regulating cellular processes, enhancing blood circulation and improving immune system. It helps in regulating your bowel system and peristalysis.
For longevity & anti-aging health benefits, Winzimi Green Plum gives your body the life it needs to heal itself and maintain good health.

Winzimi Main Ingredients

Green plum is rich in Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, and other nutrients. It helps to improve gastrointestinal secretion, digestion and burn fat. It is fermented with probiotics powder and compound enzyme powder. The lack of probiotics  can lead to indigestion. Eating more foods rich in probiotics can help indigestion  and nutrients absorption and improve immunity system.

Food enzyme supplement can reduce burden on digestive organs, cleaning up internal body system, decomposition and promote cell metabolism.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why would you feel abdominal pain before defecation after taking the Green Plum?

People have two kinds of intestines which is wet intestines or dry intestine. After taking the Green Plum, the ingredients promote intestinal  peristalsis , making the defecation long sticky on the intestinal wall, and when defecation is separated from the intestinal wall, it will produce pain . While people with dry intestine will tend to defecate more. After the intestines  have been cleaned, intestines will become smoother, uncomfortable symptoms  will naturally disappear. Wet intestines normally do not have any symptoms of pain however for those with dry intestines you will need to drink plenty of water in order to relieve symptoms especially if you are taking the green plum for the first time.

Why is the difference between green plum with other products that has added laxatives?

Laxative force water to be excluded from the body in a short period of time, causing diarrhea , defecation however, you will feel body weakness after prolong use of laxatives. The Green Plum served as a carrier , the ingredients are natural  and it will not cause any side effects, instead promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation  and it is safe and healthy to consume.

What are the benefits of consuming Green Plum?

Green plum can block fat synthesis to reduce the accumulation of body fat, thus controlling the weight. People with different body phsyique  after a period of conditioning will experience varying weight loss. This obesity is due to accumulation of toxins. Consuming Green Plum will clean the intestines and decompose excessive fat.

Does Green Plum have any side effects?

Green Plum is a natural plant ingredients without any side effects. It can reduce acidicity in body. Green Plum itself is an alkaline fruit, it can adjust the body’s acid balance base and clearing free radicals in the intestines.

I would like to consume Green Plum to control weight and reduce weight, does Green plum have this kind of benefit? When do you take it? 

8-10pm would be the best time to take Green Plum as during this time the body has the most exuberant metabolism. For those that wanna lose weight, it is best to take after 3-4 hours after dinner time.  Consume green plum half an hour after meal to promote digestion  and better absorption. Consume Green Plum half an hour after a meal to promote digestion and absorption.

When is the best time to consume Green Plum?

Consume it half an hour before and after a meal . Normally you can eat green plum on an empty stomach to get the weight loss effect. Patients with  poor gastrointestinal  function is recommended to take Green Plum after a meal to have the best effect.

Other precautions:

For those  having menstrual period, lactation, pregnancy , it is not recommended to take Green plum. Different people may experience different symptoms of defecation as it is not a drug . It is recommended to take 2 packs a day.




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  1. Poh Lee

    I farted like ever and I needed to go empty my bowels in 1 hour. This is good stuff and it does not gives me laxative effect.

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