100% Cotton Liner Pad – Infrared and Anion Technology

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Anion” sanitary napkin has an anion strip inside the cotton setting, which emits high density of anions when used. During the process of anion neutralization, the released oxygen could suppress the major source that causes gynecological diseases.

VGoddess Sanitary Panty Liners are sanitary panty liners that promote increased air flow using special infrared and anion technology.
The Sanitary liners are used for feminine hygiene and used to prevent any gynaecological disease. If you are using conventional liners,
it is time to change to VGoddess Anion Sanitary Panty liners as they are no chemicals, bleach, dye that promotes bacteria and yeast overgrowth.

Key features
Hypoallergenic , Biodegradable , 100% Natural, Anion Strip and Non Bleach material , Thinner than Ultra Thin

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