VGoddess Propolis Vaginal Gel for Post Abortion Surgery & Severe Vaginal Inflamation


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Product Description

Propolis Gynecological Gel

Ingredients: Propolis, Sophora flavescens, Cnidium, White fresh peel, Safflower, Aloe, Borneol
Composition mechanism:
The main ingredient is propolis, which is an extremely rare natural resource and is known as “soft gold”.
Propolis is used in gynaecology, it can treat cervical erosion, endocervical inflammation, vaginitis, vaginal trichomoniasis and other diseases. It also has a significant effect on promoting the healing of vaginal wounds after gynecological surgery.
1. Antibacterial effect. Propolis can be sterilized, sterilized, disinfected, bacteriostatic, anti-mildew, and antiseptic. It solves the defect that antibiotics only act on a single microorganism without side effects.
2. Antiviral effect. Propolis is a natural antiviral substance. It has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on a variety of viruses, and has a significant effect on harmful viruses that cause gynecological problems.
3. Promote cell regeneration. Propolis can accelerate tissue regeneration and wound healing.
Sophora flavescens: used for heat dysentery, hematochezia, jaundice, obstruction of urine, leucorrhea, vaginal swelling and itching, eczema, eczema, skin itching, scabies and leprosy; external treatment of trichomonas vaginitis.
Phellodendron: strong antibacterial effect, has inhibitory effect on dysentery bacillus, typhoid bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and other pathogenic bacteria, and has inhibitory effect on molds and epidermal fungi.
Cnidium: External treatment of vulvar eczema, itching of women’s vagina, trichomonal vaginitis, etc.
Baixianpi: cures all hot toxins, bad winds, wind sores, scabies and red rot, etc. Modern research, Baixianpi volatile oil has anticancer effect in vitro.
Safflower: Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, removing dampness and swelling
Aloe: bactericidal effect, anti-inflammatory effect, immunity and promotion of regeneration, detoxification effect.
Borneol: clearing away heat and toxins, improving cervical inflammation or vaginal inflammation.
Menthol: external use can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, relieve itching, promote blood circulation, reduce edema, etc.;
Product function:
It integrates the functions of nourishing, anti-inflammatory, firming, etc., anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, soothing private skin discomfort, and enhancing the protection of private skin against environmental damage; repairing and regenerating, promoting female ovarian function, regulating endocrine system, promoting toxin metabolism, giving The loving care of the private environment moisturizes and tightens the private skin while maintaining the health of the private skin, refreshing and comfortable, exuding a natural and fresh body fragrance; improving the quality of husband and wife’s sexual life, beautifying skin spots, and delaying female aging.
Suitable for people:
After giving birth, after miscarriage, abnormal complexion, backache, spotty, abnormal menstruation, unclean sex, vaginal looseness and peculiar smell, or women with high hygiene requirements.
Product advantages:
1. Use high-quality propolis as the core ingredient, “natural antibiotics” broad-spectrum antibacterial, powerful sterilization, and will not produce drug-resistant bacteria.
2. Add pure natural Chinese medicine preparations, no pigments, safe and non-toxic, good biocompatibility, no toxic side effects.
3. Patented products and product quality are more reliable.
Clean your private parts, take the gel to open the front cover of the booster, and insert the front cover into the back end to use as a booster. After lying down, use the gel booster to push the gel into the vaginal discomfort area. minute. Take 1 tube to use each time 1-2 times a day for severe inflammation.

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