Recovering from systemic candida and yeast infection naturally by strengthening your immune system through home remedies and ancient herb remedies instantly…..

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No more Bladder Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis

I suffer from bladder infections and bacterial vaginosis after sex. Frankly, the herbal remedies worked like a charm. I was hesitant at first however after using few boxes together with the remedies, I have not experienced any infection or discomfort since then.
I have uterine fibroids, and strangely after using the remedies, I have a bit of strange pulling sensations in my uterus at times. These tampons ingredients are herbal hence once I used them, there were a lot of dark blood discharges and yellow cheese pus and white films coming out. It was such a relief to see all the toxins coming out. I felt my vagina and uterus was warmer not cold anymore. They do clean and revitalize the vagina walls. So grateful for finding this product.

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Be Gone with Tubal Infections

I had tubal infection when I was at the age of 21 and I undergone an operation for my right tube. My Husband and I was trying to have kids but to no success. We tried 5 times IVF to no success. I tried searching through the internet for any herbal remedy cure for tubal infections. I found out hospitals in Russia is using this tampon ball for a lot of the gynecological diseases. I was at my wits and decided to try the remedies. To my amazement for the first 3 days, a lot of white big scar tissue and dark colored blood oozing out and my pain diminishes. So I continued for the next 3 boxes, I found my skin was fairer. No pain during intercourse and have not experienced any menstrual cramp since. I did a HSG and found my tubes not blocked anymore. I am truly thankful for this ancient Chinese formula product and would recommend this to my friends.

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Regain back my Health

I have been suffering from systemic candida for ages. I have tried most of the probiotics and to my dismay. Nothing seems to banish it. I was so sick and tired of it all when I found the remedy through Rosemary for beating candida on its roots and my vaginal yeast infection. I have fully recovered and continue to take the remedies and stick to the diet to maintain it. The most remarkable thing is my vagina and body is now cleared from all the candida toxins and I feel more warmer down there.

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Vaginal Yeast Infection Cured Naturally

With the numerous doctor’s visit to get medications, I feel frustrated that there is not a cure to my yeast infection for years.
, this report is a savior as I have found the right remedy for all my recurrent vaginal yeast infection with no drugs.

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Gone

Thank you for giving me this savior protocol. If it weren’t for this , I would still be suffering pelvic inflammatory disease for years to come. A lot of pelvic liquid and sweat came out from it after sticking and using your herbal remedies.

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Good-Bye to Chronic Fatigue Sydrome

This report got me off gout medications like Allpurinol, saved me LOTS of money and LOTS of pain, all in less than one week! Take charge of your gout!

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Miracle Yeast infection Cure

No more drugs and candida creams! This natural remedy from cured my ongoing problem with yeast infections - within a few hours! It works like a miracle to end . I have never thought VGoddess herbal tampons can cure me of my itchy vagina. I have been taking drug prescription for so many years with no relief. This is a God Saver!

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Yeast infection FREE after 25 Years

25 years of suffering from serious yeast infections ended after using the herbal remedies and sticking to the candida diet. I am fully myself now. I was plague with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression caused by yeast infection. It was caused by bacterial vaginosis and moved on to body rashes that did not seem to go away.

When numerous attempts to conceive failed after marriage in June, 2008, our doctor recommended an HSG Test which results proved bilateral tubal blockage. Our doctor then recommended surgery but we declined. In an attempt to find a cure, we visited several fertility centers both modern and local/traditional but all to no avail. It was observed that most of the fertility centers visited concentrated on drugs/herbs that boost/improve fertility instead of drugs/herbs that will unblock blocked fallopian tubes. It was like pouring water on a rock with the expectation that the interior will get wet.

We prayed to God to connect us to the right herbalist who could unblock blocked fallopian tubes. The God who never forsake his children heard our prayers and unconditionally granted our wishes. Thank You VGoddess!

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Gynaecological problems